Valerie Champagne: Resumé

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Nickelodeon: Production Coordinator (2010-'11)

As a production coordinator for "Team Umizoomi", I coordinate between the production, research, storyboard, design, and animation departments to make sure that notes taken during production meetings are carried out through all stages of production. I am the official reader for all storybooks presented to preschoolers during our research sessions.

Nickelodeon: Research Coordinator / Research Analyst (2009-'10)

As research coordinator and analyst for "Team Umizoomi", an educational animated preschool series, I coordinated with schools to conduct research with preschoolers to test the appeal and comprehension of episodes in development. I analyzed the data collected from these focus group sessions and maintained a database of the curriculum games played in each episode.

Welcome Change Productions: Assistant Producer / Graphic Designer (2007-'09)

As an assistant producer for documentary filmmaker Alice Elliott's production company, I managed the office, answered phones and emails, prepared shipments, made travel arrangements, and coordinated with film festivals and conferences. I continue to maintain the Welcome Change websites and have designed many of the company's graphics - postcards, posters, buttons, DVDs, and brochures.

Nickelodeon: Freelance Researcher (2008)

As a freelance researcher for "Team Umizoomi", a Nick Jr. educational animated series, I analyzed data and helped conduct research in the tri-state area with preschoolers to test the appeal and comprehension of episodes in development.

IQrious: Content Writer (2008)

IQrious, a Jerusalem-based start-up aims to transform the way people use the web into a new knowledge-exploration experience. As a content writer for the company's beta launch, I wrote a series of media-focused tutorials on topics ranging from Alice in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Popular Culture) to the Writer's Strike of 2007 (100 Days of Silence).

MediaKidz Research and Consulting: Researcher (2008)

As a freelance researcher, I helped conduct summative research with elementary school kids on "Panwapa Island", a new interactive website and video series from creators Sesame Street and partner Merrill Lynch.

Curious Pictures: Research Assistant (2006-'07)

As a research assistant for "Little Einsteins", a Disney Channel preschool animated series, I helped test episodes in development by interviewing preschool children and statistically analyzing their reactions for reports sent to Disney every week. After starting as an intern, I was promoted to a research assistant position through the end of research on the series.

Northern Lights Post: Intern (2006)

As an intern at this boutique post-production facility, I worked in client services and assisted the editors in the machine room with blanking, cloning, and logging tapes.

The Cannes Film Festival Work-Study Program (2006)

As an intern with the American Pavilion Work-Study Program, I collaborated with other students in producing a short documentary and broadcast about the film festival in a competition sponsored by Adobe. My team was recognized for "Distinguished Documentary" and "Distinguished Broadcast".

USDA ARS SRRC: Documentarian (2003-'05)

Working during the summer as a documentarian and videographer, I interviewed dozens of scientists to film, edit, and produce a series of videos documenting the research and cultural diversity at the United States Department of Agriculture Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Producing Experience

I have produced more than half a dozen short films with budgets ranging from 3,000 to 65,000 dollars. As a producer, my responsibilities have included:

  • Filing insurance and SAG paperwork
  • Creating prospectus materials and promotional websites
  • Creating budgets, tracking receipts, and preparing daily expense reports
  • Preparing grant and fiscal sponsorship applications
  • Scheduling and running casting sessions
  • Scheduling shoots and overseeing sets
  • Preparing location contract agreements; securing locations with state film commissions
  • Communicating with equipment, prop, and vehicle rental houses


  • Mirror Mirror
    Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (16mm short)
  • A Return to Shallot
    Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (miniDV short)
  • The Rainbow Garden
    Producer, Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Production Designer (miniDV short)
  • Wake
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Brittany Newsome)
  • Big Country Blues
    On-Set Production Manager (web series, directed by Brian Ross & Jonathan Rippon)
  • Souvenir
    Producer, Editor (16mm short, directed by Noga Pnueli)
  • Sweet Jesus
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Swati Kapila)
  • Personal Space Invaders
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Leetal Platt)
  • Ride the Pine
    Producer (16mm short, directed by David Birinyi)

Awards & Recognition

    MIRROR MIRROR (2008 film)

  • Audience Award for Best Horror/Thriller, Big Easy Shorts Film Festival 2008
  • Audience Award for Best Student Film, Connecticut Film Festival 2008
  • Best Narrative Film, Ozone Film Festival 2008
  • Best Student Short, Kent Film Festival 2009
  • Honorable Mention: Columbia University National Undergraduate Film Festival 2009
  • Honorable Mention: Best Picture (Fantasy Genre), Shockerfest 2008
  • Honorable Mention: Rising Star Award (Molly Chiffer), Shockerfest 2008

  • Graduated with Honors, New York University
  • Undergraduate Producing Award: NYU First Run Film Festival 2010 (shared with Brittany Newsome)
  • Distinguished Broadcast & Distinguished Documentary Award (with Christian Oh and Michelle Waring), Adobe Reel Ideas Student Competition
  • NYU Sight & Sound Showcase Selection, Kindergarten documentary
  • Most Promising Filmmaker, 1st Ozone Film Festival


New York University: Tisch School of the Arts
Kanbar Institute of Film and Television

Bachelor of Fine Arts / Minor in Producing, GPA: 3.9/4.0

In 2005, NYU began offering a Producing Minor as a supplement to the BFA Film degree. I fulfilled the Producing Minor requirements under the guidance of these outstanding professors who are all working professionals in the industry:

  • Creative Fundraising
    Prof. Wilder Knight, entertainment attorney

  • Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry
    Prof. Rosalind Lichter, entertainment attorney

  • Media Moguls of the 20th Century
    Prof. Leon Falk, producer

  • Producing Essentials
    Prof. Sharon Badal, producer, Tribeca Film Festival shorts programmer

  • Producing for Television
    Prof. Andrew Susskind, producer, director

  • Producing the Short Screenplay
    Prof. Wendy Bednarz, director

  • Strategies for Independent Producing
    Prof. Lisa Ketselas, producer