Research Experience

I have freelanced in children's media research for more than three years, working under Anne Lund at Curious Pictures (research director of Disney Channel's "Little Einsteins"), Stacey Jaffe at Nickelodeon (research director for Nick Jr.'s "Team Umizoomi") and Shalom Fisch (for Sesame Street and Merrill Lynch's "Panwapa Island"). For more details on my work experience, please visit my detailed resumé
  • Nickelodeon: Team Umizoomi
    Research Analyst (2010)
    Research Coordinator (2009)
    Freelance Researcher (2008)

  • MediaKidz Research and Consulting: Panwapa Island
    Freelance Researcher (2008)

  • Curious Pictures: Little Einsteins
    Research Assistant (2006-'07)

I have worked with children between the ages of 3 and 9, in both formative and summative focus groups, observing and conducting individual and group interviews. I have worked extensively with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, and SPSS (basic) to enter, code, and statistically analyze data and to prepare it for presentation.

I am great with kids, very patient, quick to recognize individual needs, and able to adapt to working with children of various backgrounds, ages, and development levels.

I enjoy crunching numbers in programs like Microsoft Excel, and I am very meticulous, organized, and efficient when working with data. Most importantly, I am methodical in the way I process data, from clearly laid out graphs and charts to consistent grammar and capitalization. Effective presentation can be as important as the actual results!

I am willing to work from home or within any of the five boroughs of New York City and surrounding areas easily accessible by public transportation (Long Island, New Jersey, etc.). References are available.

You can reach me by email at