The following films are student productions that I produced while attending NYU. My position(s) on the films are listed below the titles. For more information on my producing experience, take a look at my detailed resumť and freelance producing information page.

Mirror Mirror

(writer, director, producer, editor)
Award-winning senior thesis film, shot on 16mm film. Estranged from her mother and failing to cope with her fatherís terminal illness, ten year-old Tanya indulges in an imagined fantasy world. She believes that by offering a sacrifice to a Guardian living in her bathroom mirror, she will be granted a wish to save her fatherís life.

Return to Shallot

(director, producer, editor)
Shot on Mini-DV, A Return to Shallot is an experimental take on Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson's classic poem, "The Lady of Shallot". Because of a curse that has been put upon her, the Lady of Shallot fears what may happen to her if she dares to look outside her tower window. Sir Lancelot, the knight errant, represents the one thing that she would risk it all for. Love.


(producer, editor)
16mm film directed by Noga Pnueli and recipient of NYU's Russel Hexter Post Production Award. Souvenir is an experimental adaptation of a short story by popular Israeli author, Etgar Keret. Reese is a lonely woman working in a souvenir store near the mouth of hell. When Reese becomes infatuated with the dead men that visit the store, she wonders if you have to be dead to feel truly alive.

Sweet Jesus

Winner of Channel Thirteen NYC/PBS's Reel 13 competition, and based in part on the director Swati Kapila's actual childhood experience. Sweet Jesus (16mm) is the story of Priya, a young Hindu girl who attends a private Catholic school and discovers that she has a sweet tooth for the forbidden Communion wafers.

Personal Space Invaders

Directed by Leetal Platt and shot on 16mm film, Personal Space Invaders is a parody of classic horror films from the 50s. Cole Denver is a business man who wakes up one morning to discover that he is under attack by an alien invasion that seems to be taking place inside his head.


Directed by Brittany Newsome and shot on 16mm film, Wake is a cautionary tale in the southern gothic tradition. In a dusty southern town in 1933 North Carolina, Charmaine has just laid her father to rest and is now living alone. She's a woman willing to bargain with the devil to get what she wants. And what she wants is a new man.