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Mirror Mirror is a 14 minute long student film I produced, wrote, and directed during my senior year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Shot on 16mm film and filmed chiefly at NYU's Todman sound stage, this cautionary tale features a talented cast and crew, including the young star, up-and-coming Connecticut native Molly Chiffer.

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Estranged from her mother and failing to cope with her fatherís terminal illness, ten year-old Tanya indulges in an imagined fantasy world. She believes that by offering a sacrifice to a Guardian living in her bathroom mirror, she will be granted a wish to save her fatherís life. When the sacrifice becomes too high a price to pay, Tanya must have the courage to face reality and her demons - those both real and imagined.

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Valerie Champagne
Featuring Molly Chiffer, Sara Wagner, and David Sedgwick


  • The Big Easy Shorts Festival
    Audience Award for Best Horror/Thriller Short
  • Columbia University National Undergraduate Film Festival
    Honorable Mention: Undergraduate Film
  • The Connecticut Film Festival
    Audience Award for Best Student Film
  • The Kent Film Festival
    Best Student Short
  • The Ozone Film Festival
    Best Narrative Short
  • Shockerfest 2008
    Honorable Mention: Best Picture (Fantasy Genre)
    Honorable Mention: Rising Star Award (Molly Chiffer)


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