The following films are shorts that I produced after graduating from NYU's Kanbar Institute for Film and Television. My position(s) on the films are listed below the title. For more information on my producing experience, take a look at my resumé and freelance producing information page.

The Rainbow Garden

(producer, cinematographer, sound designer, production designer)

The Rainbow Garden is a short finger puppet film created by myself and puppeteer Samantha McElhaney for the Florida branch of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. The film was shot on miniDV and featured an original set design and puppets by Folkmanis.

In this family-friendly short, seven fairies must learn to work together and enlist the help of their neighbor, a grouchy gnome, in order to plant a rainbow that will shine brightly over their garden. In the spirit of the service-based IORG, the film will be used to raise money for charity.