Check out some of these great sites from my collaborators: filmmakers and artists I've been fortunate enough to know. I've worked with them, and I highly recommend you do too!

  • Eva Dennis (

    Illustrator extraordinaire!
  • Victoria Nece (

    Animation | Motion Graphics | Design
  • Energized Films (

    Distribution consulting for the educational market.
  • Ellipsis Productions (

    Director, editor, videographer, Canadian.
  • 3 Little Puppets (

    Puppeteer director and enthusiast, Sam McElhaney, brings her creations to life.
  • Red Berlin Jewelry (

    When she's not editing, fellow NYU alumnus Rebekah Berlin makes jewelry!
  • The Steak Diaries (

    The endless search for a great steak and the answer to all of life's mysteries.
  • Leetal Platt (

    Where a wicked sense of humor meets a love of the macabre.
  • Paganomation (

    The official home of Little Guys(TM).
  • John Logan Pierson (

    Adventure film production.