Producing Experience

I have produced more than half a dozen short films with budgets ranging from 3,000 to 65,000 dollars. Several of these films went on to film festival success, receiving multiple awards and screening in festivals all over the world. I am currently seeking independent productions looking for a reliable and dedicated producer to navigate the the logistics of filmmaking, from development to distribution.

As a producer, my responsibilities have included:

  • Filing insurance and SAG paperwork
  • Creating prospectus materials and promotional websites
  • Creating budgets, tracking receipts, and preparing daily expense reports
  • Preparing grant and fiscal sponsorship applications
  • Scheduling and running casting sessions
  • Scheduling shoots and overseeing sets
  • Preparing location contract agreements; securing locations with state film commissions
  • Communicating with equipment, prop, and vehicle rental houses

Professional Experience

  • Nickelodeon: Team Umizoomi
    Production Coordinator (2010)

  • Welcome Change Productions
    Assistant Producer (2007-'09)

    Documentary Producer and Videographer (2003-'05)

Short Films

  • Mirror Mirror
    Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (16mm short)

  • A Return to Shallot
    Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (miniDV short)

  • The Rainbow Garden
    Producer, Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Production Designer (miniDV short)

  • Wake
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Brittany Newsome)

  • Big Country Blues
    On-Set Production Manager (web series, directed by Brian Ross & Jonathan Rippon)

  • Souvenir
    Producer, Editor (16mm short, directed by Noga Pnueli)

  • Sweet Jesus
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Swati Kapila)

  • Personal Space Invaders
    Producer (16mm short, directed by Leetal Platt)

  • Ride the Pine
    Producer (16mm short, directed by David Birinyi)


New York University: Tisch School of the Arts
Kanbar Institute of Film and Television

Bachelor of Fine Arts / Minor in Producing, GPA: 3.9/4.0

In 2005, NYU began offering a Producing Minor as a supplement to the BFA Film degree. I fulfilled the Producing Minor requirements under the guidance of these outstanding professors who are all working professionals in the industry:

  • Creative Fundraising
    Prof. Wilder Knight, entertainment attorney

  • Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry
    Prof. Rosalind Lichter, entertainment attorney

  • Media Moguls of the 20th Century
    Prof. Leon Falk, producer

  • Producing Essentials
    Prof. Sharon Badal, producer, Tribeca Film Festival shorts programmer

  • Producing for Television
    Prof. Andrew Susskind, producer, director

  • Producing the Short Screenplay
    Prof. Wendy Bednarz, director

  • Strategies for Independent Producing
    Prof. Lisa Ketselas, producer