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While taking the NYU socially conscious art class "Art, Artist, and Social Change", a group of students created a short experimental documentary about young people expressing "compassion" and the desire to make a difference. The focus of the documentary is two grassroots organizations - Redlight Children and Invisible Children. The documentary combines original interviews with borrowed footage from films created by the organizations.



Interviews filmed by: Adam Yeremian
Edited by: Valerie Champagne
Music by: Eric Lumiere
Interviews conducted by: Sophie Coppedge
and Sara Alvarez
Redlight Children Consultant: Cassandra Chew
Invisible Children Consultant: Jin Lee

Interview: Guy Jacobson
(The RedLight Children Campaign founder)

To find out more about the organizations:

The Redlight Children Campaign seeks to generate conscious concern and inspire immediate action against child sexploitation. It is a worldwide grassroots initiative whose mission is to reduce the number of children sold to the sex industry and exploited on the internet.

Invisible Children's primary goal is a peaceful solution to the end of the conflict in Northern Uganda. 50% of their budget is utilized in bringing awareness to the situation and promoting international support of the peace process taking place. The remaining 50% of the budget provides top-notch programming for affected children and their families through the provision of educational scholarships, mentorship, and the rebuilding of secondary academic institutions.

Rock 'n' Annie

(director, editor)
Donna Rock is a woman who was born without arms, but this disability never stopped her from doing anything once she set her mind to it. When Donna adopted her Doberman Annie, she wasn't expecting Annie to become her service dog, and she didn't know that they would begin competing in obedience dog shows - and winning too. Calling Donna extraordinary would only offend this no-nonsense Louisiana woman.


(director, editor)
Kindergarten is an important year for children as they make the transition from home into a school environment. Manhattan's PS 199 is a public school fortunate to have supportive parents, a great staff, and a structured curriculum taught by dedicated teachers. After a year of school, the kindergartners of K-225 are more than ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead of them.